African Marine Environment Sustainability Initiative (AFMESI) a non-profit organization is a brain-child of like minded individuals burdened by absolute lack of or inadequate sensitivity, political will, human capacity, infrastructure amongst other needs that will enable equitable use and protection of the marine environment in some countries in the African continent. This disconnect manifests most especially in lack of updated national laws and regulations, accession to and / or implementation and enforcement of the provisions international instruments of intervention aimed at protecting the marine environment especially that of the apex United Nations body charged with the mandate of securing safe and navigable ocean the International maritime organization (IMO). Hence, AFMESI seeks to proffer ways of correcting this anomaly by providing a platform for information exchange among experts on the subject globally and harnessing and directing such knowledge to protecting, restoring and improving the quality of the oceans in the continent .

Our mission

To achieve total sensitization of people, organizations, groups, governments among others in Africa towards achieving sustainable utilization of the marine environment and its resources.